Foreclosure Fraud Settlement divides state attorneys general


Foreclosure Fraud Settlement divides state attorneys general

Foreclosure Fraud Settlement divides state attorneys general

Lets not act surprised in this as we always knew there was something cooking behind the scenes and not everyone agreed and probably disappointed with the approach Tom Miller from Iowa was heading.


As state attorneys general continue their months-long settlement negotiations with the nation’s largest banks over widespread problems in foreclosure practices, they have yet to resolve differences within their own group on key issues.

Even within the 14-member “executive committee” of attorneys general who are leading the 50-state coalition, some have very different visions of what exactly a settlement should look like.


A handful of crucial states, including California, Illinois and New York, have undertaken their own investigations into mortgage industry practices, subpoenaing information about business practices and seeking meetings with executives about such things as securitization to faulty court affidavits. Other officials, such as in Oklahoma, have threatened to pursue their own settlements with mortgage servicers.

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3 Responses to “Foreclosure Fraud Settlement divides state attorneys general”

  1. enough already says:

    why do they continue to want to settle. the news is out the mortgages are u=null and void. unenforcable someone please tell pam bondi and the rest pf the crew. they must know? what kind of settlement. that they are going to help us get a mod for our fraudulent over appraised houses? or we get a lawyer to defend us (and he works with bank) so if he wins us a princible reduction you owe him 40% of the priciple as payment. so all watch out there are some bad lawyers. florida’s traffic court system works like that so why not foreclsoures rightz? yup if oyu get a ticket and pay a lawyer 9 times out of ten no points no traffic school. but if you pay the ticket you get 3 points. it as though you buy your way out of points. well foreclosure with some lawyers is the same. he defens you , you win, you owe hom 40% of te win. he splits it with the bank. what a deal. glad we caught on. fraud in foreclosure and now fraud in defending foreclsoure so beware. make sure this tidbit is not in the contracr. you pay a retainer and the required monthly payment that is it. our names on all birth certificates need to be changed to Ben Dover.

  2. Deception of settlement really divides it. And it puzzles the owner on how it is being fraud.


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