Albany County, NY legislators want to pull money from BofA, JPMorgan


Albany County, NY legislators want to pull money from BofA, JPMorgan

Albany County, NY legislators want to pull money from BofA, JPMorgan

The Business Review-

Members of the Albany, N.Y. County Legislature are calling for the county to pull its money from Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase.

The 25 legislators signed a proclamation urging John McPhillips, commissioner of management and budget, to close the county’s $90 million account from Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and to discontinue procurement cards with JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM).

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  1. enough already says:

    lets go peopel fight get out of the tbtf banks we need to start the exit and pound them lets go fight people these are our homes they are stealing. please go to livinglies website neil garfiel has spwlt it out the reason for robosigning is because all our loans are null and void. get this to the judges pro se, lawyers. contracts are null and void if they do no0t contain the truth and the true lenders were not included on our notes and mortgages. wells fargo for me, boa or chase ect did not fund these mortgages that is why they allowed fraudulent over appriased houses as comparatives. when dealing with appraisals i was appled to see a strawbuyer (20k above asking price) and A FLIPPED HOUSE (40k i six months) both are usually thrown out in normals times to get a true property value. if there no good comparables in a area you can travel outside the area to get a true comp. undrwriting failed us. withdraw money today out of the tbtf banks and lets get the fight going sitting back we will lose county banks and credit unions and for some the mattress but get those accounts transitioned over (it takes a while because of dirrect deposits) lets go fight! do not let another family be put out on the street because they were told not to pay. (us)


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