MERS foreclosure amendment dies in Oregon House committee


MERS foreclosure amendment dies in Oregon House committee

MERS foreclosure amendment dies in Oregon House committee

Oregon Live-

A late attempt by the finance industry to change Oregon mortgage recording laws is dead.

Oregon House Judiciary co-chair Wayne Krieger opened a hearing this afternoon and said the amendment sought by loan servicers, title companies and credit unions would not pass out of the committee today. Minutes later, the committee voted to approve Senate Bill 519, the bill that the financial industry lobby attempted to amend.

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One Response to “MERS foreclosure amendment dies in Oregon House committee”

  1. John Anderson says:

    It’s more good news, as people are waking up and seeing the role that banksters and wall st fraudsters have played in the destruction of our economy.
    We need to give more credit to Obama for pocket vetoing the Interstate Notary Act, that passed both houses without revealing who voted for and against it, but by the time it got to Obama, the fraud of DOCX and LPS were becoming wide spread knowledge, and he wisely let it die. Still he could have pleased a lot of bankers, by playing ignorance of the law “even though he’s a law professor” and signing into law something that would result in many thousands more on the streets.


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