ANNOUNCEMENT | CA Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces Creation of Mortgage Fraud Strike Force to Protect Homeowners


ANNOUNCEMENT | CA Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces Creation of Mortgage Fraud Strike Force to Protect Homeowners

ANNOUNCEMENT | CA Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces Creation of Mortgage Fraud Strike Force to Protect Homeowners

LOS ANGELES – Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today announced the creation of the California Attorney General’s Mortgage Fraud Strike Force, staffed by Department of Justice attorneys and investigators charged with protecting innocent homeowners and bringing to justice those who defraud them.

The Mortgage Fraud Strike Force will operate out of Department of Justice offices in Los Angeles, Fresno, San Francisco and Sacramento. Twenty-five attorneys and investigators will work together in three teams:
– The consumer enforcement team will target scams in the consumer arena, including predatory lending, unfair business practices in originating loans, deceptive marketing, and loan modification and foreclosure consultant scams.
– The criminal enforcement team will prosecute criminal frauds associated with the epidemic of mortgage scams, including fraudulent investment and money laundering schemes related to mortgage lending or foreclosure relief.
– The corporate fraud team will target misconduct involving investments and securities tied to subprime mortgages, as well as false or fraudulent claims made to the state with respect to these securities.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa offered his support of the new strike force. “With nearly 10,000 foreclosures in the City of Los Angeles last year,” he said, “this strike force is certain to help countless residents and families from becoming victimized.”

“The Attorney General’s authority and attention to this issue brings a critical law enforcement component to the table that will help stop the practice of predatory lending once and for all,” said Mayor Villaraigosa. “I applaud Attorney General Harris for her dedication to employing swift justice to the scam artists who prey on the residents of some of our most economically vulnerable neighborhoods.”

“The fingerprints of illegal activity are all over the foreclosure crisis,” said Paul Leonard, director of the California Office, Center for Responsible Lending. “The Attorney General’s effort marries the need to punish bad actors for the practices that brought our economy to the brink with the need to eliminate the scam artists who have since attempted to profit from it. Given the economic damage wreaked by foreclosures in California, this initiative is very welcome news.”


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One Response to “ANNOUNCEMENT | CA Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces Creation of Mortgage Fraud Strike Force to Protect Homeowners”

  1. John Anderson says:

    The proof is in the pudding. I Florida the AG office started a investigation under Bill McCollum, unfortunately he ran for governor and lost the republican nomination to Rick Scott, a ass of biblical proportion. Our newly elected AG is Pam Bondi, a bank owned whore.
    I sent her a e-mail
    Dear Pam Bondi,
    I am upset with the lighthanded approach to the fraud that the banks and foreclosure law firms have so far gotten away with in this state. As the chief law enforcement officer in Florida, and a member of the Florida Bar, your duty is clear. To do anything less than full prosecution on those who would frabracate, and use fraudulent documents in court proceedings is a violation of your oath as a officer of the court, and Attorney General of the state of Florida.
    We are in troubled times, and the public needs to know that the law applies to all, great and small. If rule of law, is perceived as rule of the rich, then civil unrest and revolution will be the result.
    Do you think that Judge Judy would rule in favor of a plaintiff or defendant who produced a fraudulent document to win their case? NO! Because it would violate the “CLEAN HANDS DOCTRINE” that no relief shall be granted to a party who engages in unlawful activity.
    I ask that you do your duty.

    Of course I received no response or acknowledgment from this hand puppet, and who stated ‘I am worried about people getting a free house”. Is she worried about the banks getting a FREE HOUSE? Because that is whats happening! The banks, in most if not all cases there was insurance “AIG” has paid out hundreds of billions of dollars paid in claims that were insured WITHOUT THE RIGHT OF SUBROGATION ON THE UNDERLING NOTE. They want the insurance, the house, the credit default swap insurance for the pool, after they have made up a bunch of fake fees, and force placed over priced insurance on their victims.
    The US taxpayers now own AIG and the continuing claims. The banks and wall street planed this disaster, to profit on creation, and destruction of the housing bubble, and our government and state Attorneys are turning a blind eye on the despots.
    I fear a revolt and revolution is the only recourse.


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