Matt Taibbi wipes the floor with Megan McArdle re: Goldman Sachs criminality


Matt Taibbi wipes the floor with Megan McArdle re: Goldman Sachs criminality

Matt Taibbi wipes the floor with Megan McArdle re: Goldman Sachs criminality

Crooks and Liars

Matt Taibbi has a new article on Rolling Stone on the recent hearings in the U.S. Senate and whether or not Goldman Sachs executives should be facing criminal trials or not in the wake of ongoing investigations into their part in the financial meltdown we went through a few years ago. CNN decided to bring in the Atlantic Monthly’s Wall Street apologist Megan McArdle to debate Taibbi on Your Money.

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2 Responses to “Matt Taibbi wipes the floor with Megan McArdle re: Goldman Sachs criminality”

  1. John Anderson says:

    No prosecution of the wall st fraudsters, or the mega- banksters, or the foreclosure mills and the law firms who knowingly used those fabricated and robo signed documents in court to deny property rights to homeowners in order to steal their homes, for banks, who never put up a dime in loan money.
    The only thing our justice department goes after is high profile cases, with no downside,”Bernie Madoff and poor scapegoat Martha Stewart” while leaving ripped off investors, and homeowners unprotected and undefended.
    Goldman wins again, and will continue to get away with the largest economic crime in history, until a real revolution begins.
    Who’s got a match?

  2. dpreston says:

    I love the match comment. Actually a good fire can be cleansing. How can they run with full blown fraud under the sec-?? This must go way deeper. How about really cleaning house? The criminal got to go and to jail and no where else. Who is going to pay besides the victims of the fraud? They loses everything and their homestead rights were violated? Where is the TILA? Oh yeah chase wants to get rid of the truth on lending right? Of course they do–because they know there is no truth in their lending. This is a corrupt, sick, devastated society vandalized by our very own leaders. Greed and the devil have taken the controls. Until we blast them out of the water they will continue to lie cheat and steal. This is now officially the wild wild west. Hire your own stock market manipulator and see how he programs that for you. This is a sick world and now the deutsche (fukers) own the NYSE? Wtf. Mass exodus sounds pretty good right now. We are living in the worst corruption and government take over of the middle class in history. I think a match is the only way! Deb. 561-389-9339


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