3 reasons every homeowner needs title insurance


3 reasons every homeowner needs title insurance

3 reasons every homeowner needs title insurance

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Title insurance is one of the more expensive elements of a home purchase or mortgage refinance, and everyone hates paying for it. Some folks even argue that in today’s age of computer-stored records, title insurance isn’t really necessary. Unlike car insurance or home insurance, very few people know even a single person who has collected on a title insurance policy. However, the robo-signing scandal and the explosion of mortgage fraud make it clear that–given the reliance on computer data–title insurance is more necessary than ever.

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3 Responses to “3 reasons every homeowner needs title insurance”

  1. marilyn lane says:

    Gina Pogol writes in her book Why
    Title Insurance Is More Important Than Ever.

    only thing standing between you and very heavy losses may be your title insurance policy. Here are three reasons why homeowners need to protect themselves and their investment with title insurance:

    1. Mortgage fraud is alive and well. Incidence of mortgage fraud is up following the financial crisis. Some of these fraudulent acts can result in title disputes. According to the latest mortgage fraud report from the FBI, one type of fraud involves faking deeds that get notarized and recorded with the local jurisdiction, where clerks often will not conduct due diligence on that claim. Title insurance would cover you, the rightful owner, in a case like this.

    That is so true BUT in my case the companys perpetrating the Title Fraud are Fidelity National Title and Coronet Title. They did exactly that. Their fraud involves knowingly insuring Forged Deeds and recording them with the NY Country Dept of Finance. The title attorneys from Fidelity National Title and Coronet Title since they couldn’t win on the law they bribed Judge Alice Schlesinger of New York Supreme Court to make their forged deeds act as good.

    I wrote a simple letter to William P Foley CEO of Fidelity National Title “what went wrong that your NY attorney
    Thomas P Malone finds himself fighting for a forged deed”
    Fidelity National Title’s answer to me was
    “…it is proper?”

    Not only is Fidelity National Title running a racketeering company they have infiterated the county records with their fraudulent titles.

    Title Insurance should be the answer if you deal with an honest company.

    Not only is William P Foley CEO of FNT, he also was previous chair of LPS DOCX. That speas volumes about him. This man needs to be investigated.

  2. usjustice4all says:

    I don’t agree at all, the title companies can not with stand the man power needed to track the proper chain of events that MERS has created, or lack there of. This seems to be a push sales for insurance that won’t help you when it comes to Fraudclosure, after all it was in their office the “funds” for my home were received, they did all the wires and I sure they saw they did not get money, just transferred a title.

  3. Steve says:

    Title Insurance is More Important Than Ever.

    Right? And once you expose that fraud asking your Title Insurance to cover. Plan on them ignoring you never calling back.


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