Register Jeff Thigpen, Sir...We Need Your Support.


Register Jeff Thigpen, Sir…We Need Your Support.

Register Jeff Thigpen, Sir…We Need Your Support.

Dear Mr. Thigpen,

We’re seeing great leaders like yourself take a stand against the banks for what they are doing to your counties. It’ was great seeing you join MA Register of Deeds John O’Brien and going after MERS for recording fees. Just this week register O’Brien made a request to Massachusetts State Treasurer Grossman to pull Bank of America Funds. He has asked that the Treasurer change depository banks.

Once again, he’s not alone.

We’re also learning that The village of Hempstead on Long Island is pulling its money from JPMorgan Chase and severing its ties with the bank to protest the bank’s lending and foreclosure policies.

The city’s treasurer, Ray Calame, said the village would soon begin to slowly withdraw the $12.5 million in operating funds and investments it had in Chase, ultimately ending Hempstead’s more than 20-year relationship with the bank.

This is truly a step forward and walking away from Wall Street to move it all back to Main Street where it belongs. Maybe others will consider following…will you?

To Main Street

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3 Responses to “Register Jeff Thigpen, Sir…We Need Your Support.”

  1. Virginia says:

    Frankly, I think its time that we all start moving our money. Federal Credit Unions are locally owned and operated and appear to be safer than the big banks in the event of a collapse. Federal Credit Unions are more like the “old” neighborhood banks – you actually become a “member” of the bank and members vote on the FCU’s policies. Yes, some of them made mistakes and lost monies in securities – they weren’t any smarter than the rest of us… but some did not participate (look for those – that’s a lucky find). We have one on Maui – Kula Community Credit Union. Seriously, moving your money to safer grounds and investigating the Credit Union in your neighborhood – is a wise consideration – at least you might have a voice. You’ll feel better – I know that after I joined today – I did.

  2. dinsfla says:

    Video says it all. When enough is truly enough.

  3. Pamela says:

    Hopefully others will follow suit and we can shut them down as a whole instead of a chosen few.It is time for us to get our just dues.Move your money don’t make any of your credit card payments stop making your mortgage payments.If every American would do this for just one month we could shut them all down.Remember without us they are nothing.


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