DOCx, LPS Employee "One of These Days, We're Gonna Be On 60 Minutes"


DOCx, LPS Employee “One of These Days, We’re Gonna Be On 60 Minutes”

DOCx, LPS Employee “One of These Days, We’re Gonna Be On 60 Minutes”

From CBS 60 Minutes

As it turns out, Wall Street cut corners when it bundled homeowners’ mortgages into securities that were traded from investor to investor. Now that banks are foreclosing on people, they’re finding that the legal documents behind many mortgages are missing. So, what do the banks do? As Pelley explains in this video, some companies appear to be resorting to forgery and phony paperwork in what looks like a nationwide epidemic.

Even if you’re not at risk of foreclosure, there could be legal ramifications for a homeowner if the chain of title has been lost. Watch the “60 Minutes” report and listen to Pelley’s discussion with “60 Minutes Overtime” editor Ann Silvio about the findings of his reporting team.

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2 Responses to “DOCx, LPS Employee “One of These Days, We’re Gonna Be On 60 Minutes””

  1. Elaine Williams says:

    And the banks are still as arrogant and defiant as ever! When all this news about the fraud went mainstream six months ago I remember thinking that finally some justice will be served! Fat chance with the likes of Tim (oops I forgot to pay my taxes but was put in charge of the Treasury anyway!) Geithner who has the ability to bring the banks to their knees but won’t because he’s a former bankster himself. Thanks Obama.

  2. You can read about my suit against Ameriquest on & .


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