NYT | An Advocate Who Scares Republicans


NYT | An Advocate Who Scares Republicans

NYT | An Advocate Who Scares Republicans

The Wednesday morning hearing was titled “Oversight of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.” The only witness was the piñata, otherwise known as Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard law professor hired last year by President Obama to get the new bureau — the only new agency created by the Dodd-Frank financial reform law — up and running. She may or may not be nominated by the president to serve as its first director when it goes live in July, but in the here and now she’s clearly running the joint.

And thus the real purpose of the hearing: to allow the Republicans who now run the House to box Ms. Warren about the ears. The big banks loathe Ms. Warren, who has made a career out of pointing out all the ways they gouge financial consumers — and whose primary goal is to make such gouging more difficult. So, naturally, the Republicans loathe her too. That she might someday run this bureau terrifies the banks. So, naturally, it terrifies the Republicans.

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2 Responses to “NYT | An Advocate Who Scares Republicans”

  1. losing my home in florida says:

    you go lizzy. someone on our side??????????????????????? doubt it. probably some underhanded joke

  2. D L Clementson says:

    Ms. Warren is the real article but she will be hamstrung by the puppet politicians in Washington, republicans and democrates alike.

    I have seen both of Ms. Warrens apperances on Bill Maher’s show and she is committed to the task given her and she has no doubts as to the hurdles in front of her. However, Ms. Warren has stated that she would prefer not to be appointed as the director of the bureau for fear it would keep her from the more serious tasks at hand that she could attend to from behind the curtain.

    Almost down to a man, the parties in Washington hate this Women, go figure, their puppetmasters, the Banking industry, fear her and anyone likeminded in a position of possible power.

    If the politicians can’t sanction Ms. Warren into a position of title without power they will undoubtedly conspire to commit harm to this Women.

    I say that if so much as one hair on this Womens head should be forced out of place then not one politician in Waashington should hope for a peaceful nights sleep before the perpetrators are revealed and punished.

    I would suggest supporting the activities of Ms. Warren by phone, e-mail and letter writing to your representatives and letting them know that to continue this unconsciencable attack on her performance of the duties assigned to her by the President of the United States shall be considered an attack on every free thinking, tax paying, bank hating american and our distaste for this sort of behavior will be reflected at the polls of the next election.

    Still in the fight………..


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