BLOOMBERG | `Dozen' States Don't Back Foreclosure Plan, Cuccinelli Says


BLOOMBERG | `Dozen’ States Don’t Back Foreclosure Plan, Cuccinelli Says

BLOOMBERG | `Dozen’ States Don’t Back Foreclosure Plan, Cuccinelli Says

Virginia is among “at least a dozen” U.S. states that don’t back a proposal submitted last week to resolve a nationwide probe of foreclosure and mortgage- servicing practices, Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli said.

There isn’t consensus among all 50 state attorneys general about the terms of the settlement proposed to U.S. banks, Cuccinelli, a Republican, said today in a telephone interview.

“When some attorneys general found out what was being agreed to, they had a great degree of unease over it,” Cuccinelli said. He declined to name which states, aside from his own, were opposed to parts of the plan.

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  1. Pamela says:

    If any of these AG’s agree to this they will be making themselves look even more corrupt then what they all ready appear .Imagine that.They do not have our best interest at heart.They are bought and payed for by the banks as usual.No change of pace.SSDD.


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