Sen. Franken Can Begin Looking Into Robo-Signing In Minnesota


Sen. Franken Can Begin Looking Into Robo-Signing In Minnesota

Sen. Franken Can Begin Looking Into Robo-Signing In Minnesota

Sen. Franken, please allow this site to make it very simple for you and address your concerns of the very problematic ‘robo-signing’ issues that you find troubling. There is an address in your neck of the woods that you should be made aware of 1270 Northland Dr Ste 200 Mendota Heights, MN 55120 (link)… Then stop over to learn all about this default servicing ‘robo-signing’ company here LPS (link). In a most recent case coming from New Jersey names Laura Hescott an employee of LPS (link) the person who executed the assignment of mortgage. The Judge states the following “The bona fides of the practices of this service provider have been the subject of increased judicial scrutiny. See, e.g., In re Taylor, 407 B.R. 618, 623 (Bankr. E.D. Pa. 2009).”(link).

Franken urges reform on foreclosure ‘robo-signing’

By Andy Birkey | 02.02.11 | 4:00 pm

Sen. Al Franken participated in a U.S. Senate hearing on Tuesday regarding the foreclosure process and ways that the federal government could help Americans keep their homes while also preventing investors from losing their investments. Franken said that one of the biggest problems fueling the foreclosure crisis is “robo-signing,” a tactic used by lenders to speed up the foreclosure process.

“Many problems have come to light since the beginning of the foreclosure crisis,” Franken told the Senate Judiciary Committee. “Most recently, we have seen mortgage servicers fraudulently signing affidavits to execute foreclosures, when they have zero personal knowledge of the individual borrower’s situation. This problem, known as robo-signing, is particularly troubling to me.”

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4 Responses to “Sen. Franken Can Begin Looking Into Robo-Signing In Minnesota”

  1. Ron Moss says:

    Who is protecting my consumer activities? Whike my AG is counting his contributions from Wells Fargo, Bank of America. WA-MU, etc.

  2. DanJS says:

    I tire of hearing…. “pay the note – you signed it!” I, for one, no longer trust the mortgage servicer who directs me to send them money. I plan to sue for “quiet title)to find out who is “entitled” (and I use that term lightly) to legally receive any money I submit.

    The “dolts” are those who think that they are “righteous” because they refuse to ask questions and/or acccept any proferred answer as “true.”

    What is needed is a class action suit to “quiet the titles” of any and all properties where the closing papers show the name of MERS!

    The ‘culprits’ who formed MERS are “those at fault” — and they just happen to be the largest lenders and “aggregators” in the USA.

    The secondary “victims” are the “institutional investors” and pension plans who were led to believe they were buying “first class paper.” Even so, they should have known better.”

    The “primary victims” are the American taxpayers, their children and grandchildren, who “bought bad paper” after it had been transferred through the legally “un-clean hands” of politicians, “adcademics.” lenders, aggregators, and investors who have been “made whole” with taxpayer funded bailouts.

    In truth, the “holder of the paper” today is the “primary victims” the US taxpayers and county-level taxpayers (this latter group is “out” the recording fees MERS circumvented.) Only these two “parties” have the “legal standing” to sue the perpetrators of this multi-faceted scam.

  3. PJ says:

    Must be cold up there, Franken seems to be a bit late to the party… but what can voters expect when they elect a court jestor!


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