The force behind the Massachusetts decision.


The force behind the Massachusetts decision

The force behind the Massachusetts decision

Today my friend’s history was made. The Massachusetts decision represents a major victory for consumers as well as for the handful of attorneys and advocates who dedicated their lives to protecting the defenseless. Perhaps the critical game-changing event in the Massachusetts litigation was the Amicus Brief submitted by Marie McDonnell setting forth and outlining the securitization paradigm and the defects in the chain of title.

Her analysis exposed both the material deficits contained and the subsequent fraudulent actions taken by the banks in foreclosing the properties. If you recall correctly it was Marie who first made the discovery in Antonio Ibanez’s loan in which it may have been securitized twice? Lets not forget who the robo-signer was that assigned the mortgage to U.S. Bank but non other than Linda Green.

And after two and half very long years post-foreclosure who would have thought that Mark and Tammy LaRace would move back home!

I would like to personally thank all the attorney’s involved and a special thanks to my good friend Marie McDonnell for her brilliant work and who deserves a mighty high five from all of us…

Marie McDonnell is the President of McDonnell Property Analytics, Inc. (, a company dedicated to helping consumers, and training and supporting attorneys in defending foreclosures.

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6 Responses to “The force behind the Massachusetts decision”

  1. Kim Thomas says:

    Marie, Congratulations!Great Job to you & Glenn Russell and to everyone else also.Judge Long and all the fighters on this very important case and all who work everyday to bring justice to the people.Thanks for all your efforts.

  2. Mattie says:


  3. Ever grateful Marie for reaching out to defend us, the “Too- Little-to-Fails.” Please, do not forget us in New Jersey on January 19th when our Courts face-off with the big banks. Same banks, same issues, different location. (What makes you think this is a conspiracy?)

  4. Congratulations, Marie. Great brief and great result. The SJC
    went way beyond Justice Keith Long, struck down the legal
    concept of bifurcation once and for all in Massachusetts and
    clearly established that the foreclosing party must have clear
    and definable title pursuant to the Rules of Evidence.

    This is a great day and any counsel defending foreclosure
    victims must conduct vigorous discovery to determine the
    real line of title and the assignments. YOU will be a very
    busy lady!!!

    Every secondary market mortgage in Mass can be challenged.
    Mass has become a judicial foreclosure state for anyone that challenges the power of sale. Most importantly the perpetrators
    will now have culpability.

    I cannot emphasize the value of the service that Glenn Russel
    has provided in challenging the secondary, the mega-banks
    and the REBA bar. Title companies are about to participate
    in the insured loan blood-bath.

    G. Arthur Joy – VP
    Alliance for Hope Network, Inc


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