UTAH: Two Judges Recuse Themselves From The Class Action Against ReconTrust, MERS, BofA et al


UTAH: Two Judges Recuse Themselves From The Class Action Against ReconTrust, MERS, BofA et al

UTAH: Two Judges Recuse Themselves From The Class Action Against ReconTrust, MERS, BofA et al

Class Action ReconTrust/Bank of America Case Lands in Federal Judge Dale Kimball’s Court

by Morgan Skinner, KCSG News

(Salt Lake City, UT) – US District Chief Judge Tena Campbell recused [Recusal order] herself in the class action lawsuit against ReconTrust and Bank of America (NYSE: “BAC”), Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (“MERS”), Countrywide Home Loans, HSBC Bank (NYSE: “HSBC”), Wells Fargo Bank (NYSE: “WFC”), U.S. Bank (NYSE: “USB”), Bank of New York/Mellon (NYSE: “BK”), KeyBank (NYSE: “KEY”) filed in Utah federal court Friday, November 5, 2010, alleging violations of the, Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, Utah Pattern of Unlawful Activity Act (FDCPA), Unlawful Foreclosures, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Upon Judge Campbell recusal from the case [Class Action Complaint] it was sent to Judge Clark Waddoups who has the Peni Cox case pending in his court against ReconTrust and Bank of America. The case is also on appeal to the 10th Circuit Court in Denver, Colorado.

KCSG News has learned from court records filed Thursday that Judge Waddoups has recused himself. [Recusal order] Why did Judge Waddoups recuse himself in the class action matter? He didn’t recuse himself in the Peni Cox case pending in his court on the same issues against the same defendants, ReconTrust and Bank of America.

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4 Responses to “UTAH: Two Judges Recuse Themselves From The Class Action Against ReconTrust, MERS, BofA et al”

  1. Keith says:

    They don’t want to appear to bite the hand that feeds them. WAKE UP FOLKS…All these banks are debt collection facilities, they have no force in law unless you give it to them. These banks cannot contract for consideration whatsoever. You signed a promissory they monetized
    (cashed) not their check, YOUR CHECK..YOU ARE THE CREDITOR BY LAW.
    You were owed a remedy for substance, gold and silver being removed from commerce. Your labor is worth far more then non redeemable paper.

    This is where the UCC came in along with Public Law, Public Policy,
    These were established to allow for equity in the marketplace. Indentured Servitude was outlawed long ago. If the bank made no consideration or took no risk in providing a service as an intermediary, taking your promissory note and cashing it and providing you title to the house. The legal lien is void.
    Why do you suspect that if you were to get behind on a mortgage the letter you receive is an attempt to collect a debt ? If there were a binding contract the check (promissory) would have been written in the banks name not your own..Wake Up People !! If your in foreclosure or not and want real answers ask the right questions
    I can help you. Write riceowlex@gmail.com subject mortgage.

  2. Bob Lockyer says:

    A new conflict of interest complaint has been filed against Judge Waddoups in the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, case #s 10-11-90010 and 10-11-90011. Contact U.S. Court sys: 303-335-2630.

  3. enough already says:

    did you here about the judge in broward ocunty that left the bench and is going to work fo rthe foreclosure mill watson. same thing all foreclsoures need to file a conlfict of intrest suit against him.


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