Tom Miller: 'We Will Put People In Jail' For Foreclosure Fraud


Tom Miller: ‘We Will Put People In Jail’ For Foreclosure Fraud

Tom Miller: ‘We Will Put People In Jail’ For Foreclosure Fraud

Enough with the saying and lets see the doing!

First Posted: 12-14-10 04:23 PM   |   Updated: 12-14-10 04:32 PM

The leader of a nationwide investigation of foreclosure fraud told homeowners Tuesday that the probe will have some serious consequences for bankers.

“We will put people in jail,” Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said, according to homeowner advocates present at the meeting in Des Moines.

Miller said the 50 attorneys general participating in the investigation want criminal prosecutions as part of a big settlement with home-loan providers. The probe launched this fall in the wake of news that the foreclosure processes at many large banks are as bogus as the lending practices that fed the housing bubble in the first place, as banks granted loans indiscriminately to feed derivatives-market speculation and failed to track original mortgage documents after packaging the loans and selling them to investors.

Several banks temporarily halted foreclosures shortly after some of the more egregious practices were revealed, but resumed seizing homes as the scandal fell off the front pages.

Other components of the proposed settlement would require banks to modify home loans and reduce debt burdens for customers whose homes are worth less than their mortgages.

“One of the main tools needs to be principal reductions, just like in the farm crisis in the 1980s,” Miller told the assembled homeowners, adding that he also supported restitution for victims of wrongful foreclosure. “There should be some kind of compensation system for people who have been harmed.”

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4 Responses to “Tom Miller: ‘We Will Put People In Jail’ For Foreclosure Fraud”

  1. Amazing. The FL A.G.’s office sluffed off my claims of WAMU fraud, and within two minutes re-directed me back to the OTS. Total lack of caring and lack of consumer protection by this incredulous office.
    The OTS was the non-regulator for WAMU. That would go nowhereat all.
    The FBI agent simply asked my why I wasn’t paying my mortgage.

    How can I press charges against certain government agency personnel for aiding and abetting fraud, malfeasance, deriliction of duty, jay-walking… something that will stick.

    This is why corporate criminals roam free. Their handlers are NOT doing their jobs. This is criminal in and of iteslf.

  2. marilynhelyn says:

    Chief Justice Canaday of Florida got it right. The courts need openness.

    Unfortunately the New York courts believe in confidentiallty so that fraud in the courts can remain hidden.

    After Astoria Federal S & L , Successor in Interest to Fidelity NY FSB stated in front of Judge Alice Schlesinger of New York Supreme” It is Indemnify, Indemnify, Indemnify – we are stepping aside and the Title companies are stepping in’, Judge Schlesinger ignored the United States Supreme Court case of Elliot vs. Piersol ( on court jurisdiction) and ignored the Supremacy clause of the United States Constitution .

    I filed a complaint with NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct about Judge Schlesinger decision to give my two condos to Thomas Malone esq. of Fidelity National Title and David K Fiveson esq. of Coronet Title and the coverup that thereafter followed.

    In the Dept of Judicial Conduct’s CONFIDENTIAL letter to me dated December 2 2010 _ they advise me they have dismissed the complaint. Below my letter to them on December 9 2010.

    Dear Ms.Savanyu (clerk)

    I received your letter of December 2, 2010 and I don’t believe the Department of Judicial Conduct’s conclusion – that Judge Schlesinger did nothing wrong.

    This case should have been a very easy case for Judge Schlesinger as she had no discretion in not following United States Supreme Court case Elliot vs. Piersol.

    The Title companys, JudgeSchlesinger and I all know there is no “equity” in a forged deed. With the fraud being discovered at Wm. P Folley’s Fidelity National Title,Fidelity National Financial and Lenders Processing Service etc. the title attorneys statement to Judge Schlesinger “we have equity” only meant there was money under the table for the judge.

    I am the true owner of Apts XX and XX at xxx east xx street New York City 100xx and I will continue to pursue to get possession of my two condos.


    Marilyn Helyn xxxx

    Had the New York courts operated with sunlight as Chief Justice Canadys Florida Courts, I am sure that Judge Schlesinger would never think she could get away with this.

  3. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    Nice words from Miller. Still, I’ll wait and see what actions are actually taken.


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