DOCX Linda Green Had NO AUTHORITY To Sign For MERS 10/08-10/09


DOCX Linda Green Had NO AUTHORITY To Sign For MERS 10/08-10/09

DOCX Linda Green Had NO AUTHORITY To Sign For MERS 10/08-10/09

SFF first posted this back on August 26, 2010.

Linda Green is/was an employee of DocX a subsidiary of Lender Processing Services located in Alpharetta, Georgia. Her signature was forged on key sensitive documents relating to county land records.

Below is a document that Shapiro & Fishman filed as a CORRECTIVE ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE.

What about the Satisfactions? In DOCX’s website they said:

“DOCX has built its solid reputation at not only managing large assignment projects, but satisfactions as well“.

  • Exactly how many documents were signed by Green’s name as VP for MERS between these dates?
  • Who do we contact to make this a nationwide recall alert like the recent “egg recall” containing salmonella?
  • Exactly who is being notified if there is any title issues on your homes?
  • Has there been a recall notice sent to County Recorders on this issue?
  • Are there more VP’s of MERS who had no authority to execute documents?


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8 Responses to “DOCX Linda Green Had NO AUTHORITY To Sign For MERS 10/08-10/09”

  1. jodi says:

    i understand these people are skunks and should all be indited and put in jail, including the appraisers and all the tax appraisers, they all let this happen. i live in a small county in florida. the highest unemployment rate. in 2005 2 homes they used to appraise my home at 270k were both in that appraisal fraud business.
    one house sold in march 2205 for 230k then was flipped in oct 2005 for 280k, the next home was on the MLS at 225k sold 51 days later for 245.
    the other home used was a 3 year old home built on a lot for 280s and the 4th also 280s. get this bothe house on the market 7+14 days. there were plenty of homes at goos prices. if i was not approved i would have found another house the house i am living in was not the only one. the mortgage broker just wanted my business come h ll or highwater. even if i couldnt afford my mortgage.

    so what happens to me and my house. how can i depend on t show me the note at foreclosure court. what do i do please help. i do not want to lose my house but i beleive i deserve a loan at what my house is worth now.


    Has anyone determined that there was an actual Linda Green? I don’t notice her among the large group of robosigners who were actually deposed.

  3. Has anyone looked at the part William P Foley II CEO of Fidelity National Financial, CEO of Fidelity National Title Insurance Co and Fidelity National Information Service played in this massive fraud? His bio lists him as Chairman of Lender Processing Service Inc from May 2008 to July 2008 and then as Executive Chairman of Lender Processing Services from July 2008 to March 15 2009. and DOCX associated with Lender Processing Services, did not know they were intentionally committing fraud.
    As I said about Wm. P Foley II in a different reply “the fish rots from the head down”

  4. grizzly says:

    hi america to jodi demand to see the note,go to your loan documents ,read you are problably another victim of tilla violations , amounts owing are made up, look at your notice of default, and notice of sell pay close attention to the signature,and name, go to google name search locate the person signing go to company that he or she works for .ie vice president etc you will prolbably be surprize to see a true notary signature of the person name and signature, weigh it against the sig on notice of default, notice of trustee sale

  5. grizzly says:

    is any one in california or america , geting forclosed on by chase,and by california reconveyance company debroa brigmac

  6. izraul says:

    Clearly chase and the rest of these banks can’t be trusted. It’s all a big joke to them. They are ignoring the law, and lying about changing their illegal tactics. They broke the contract with the government and just took our money and said screw americans, the government and america! Any judge who still ignores these facts is not fit to be a judge. I personally would be outraged as a judge for the lack of respect and the mockery they are making of our legal system. How dare these arrogant bastards piss on america and then try to tell us it’s just rain. A judge who allows this conduct to continue should be held liable for aiding and abetting and charged with treason. How much longer is our government and our so called regulatory agencies going to let these criminals make them look like weak scared idiots? To us and the rest of world! What lack of respect and nerve these people have. Committing fraud on the courts to steal our homes and rob us blind while our families and friends over seas sacrifice their lives for us, them, and this country! And then spit and piss in our faces for it. UNREAL!

  7. Even though this was years ago, the impact of the robo signing is still affecting homeowners. One of my good friends in Florida is still fighting multiple foreclosures over mortgages that were signed by the fictitious ‘Linda Green’. LPS has NOT been held accountable and in fact agreed to pay the Government $25 million to avoid criminal prosecution. This information is public knowledge and can be found on the web. $25 Million to the government, ZERO to the homeowners whose lives they ruined. ONE person has plead guilty to fraud. Banks are STILL using these fraudulent documents to enforce foreclosure and are getting away with it.


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