Mind Blowing | Judge Schack Names Robo-Signers In Many Foreclosure Cases [GREATEST HITS]


Mind Blowing | Judge Schack Names Robo-Signers In Many Foreclosure Cases [GREATEST HITS]

Mind Blowing | Judge Schack Names Robo-Signers In Many Foreclosure Cases [GREATEST HITS]

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9 Responses to “Mind Blowing | Judge Schack Names Robo-Signers In Many Foreclosure Cases [GREATEST HITS]”

  1. Johnny Ray Moore says:

    I reside in the State of Connecticut which is a Judicial State. I took out a mortgage with Countrywide which was taken over by Bank of America. I am being foreclosed on by The Bank Of New York, as Trustee For The Certificateholders CWABS, Inc., Asset-Backed Certificate, Series 2006-12.

    The Assignment of Mortgage is from Mers listing Countrywide who was the orginal lender. The Assignment of Mortgage was signed by Adam L. Bendett of the lawfirm of Bendett & Mchugh. Adam Bendett which is located in CT., who is representing The Bank Of New York as counsel and he also signed the Assignment of Mortgage as Vice President of MERS. This seem to be a robo signing?


    The signs are there for 2011 and for homeowners facing foreclosure, they don’t look good. Despite the recent news that the reduction in the number of foreclosures in November that was the biggest decline ever recorded, there is no question homeowners will be subjected a new wave of foreclosures in 2011.

    We would prefer that the November decline was good news but it’s not. Industry experts like RealtyTrac agree that the decline was not due to economic factors. It’s an artificial drop that for most in foreclosure will not even achieve a temporary reprieve. Robo-signing has been a huge problem but as banks, lenders and the courts address it, there is every indication they will return to aggressive foreclosures in the first quarter.

    It is only because lenders froze foreclosures until they could check whether their procedures were flawed that caused the moratorium. It is no coincidence that in states where courts are involved in foreclosures and banks are faced with scrutiny of their foreclosure practices filings dropped substantially compared to states where courts do not participate in foreclosures. There were nearly five times fewer auctions in the “judicial” states compared with “non-judicial” states. Banks are on a record pace to take people’s homes away. They seized more than 816,000 homes through the first nine months of 2010 and are on pace to seize 1.2 million by the end of the year. Lenders seized more U.S. homes this past summer than in any three-month stretch since 2006.

    The good news is a huge number of foreclosures are being challenged in court because of allegations that banks evicted people without reading the documents or administrating them properly. Consumers need help from firms like Brookstone Law. Homeowners face nearly insurmountable obstacles when they try to modify their loans or get information from banks and lenders. They get hit from all sides: from robo-singing by banks and lenders, from courts that work like foreclosure mills and even by states like California where homeowners are prohibited from retaining expert attorneys to keep them from wrongful foreclosure.

    Unfortunately, as evidenced Bank of America’s announcement last week that it was phasing out its moratorium, banks are going to get more aggressive, not less.

    Look out for 2011, folks – the banks are coming!

    For help, contact Brookstone Law at Brookstone-Law.com (http://www.brookstone-law.com).

  3. MsMel says:

    Adam bendett did the very same thing on my forclosure in 2008… also had a witness sign at notree/commissioner of the superior court.. total conflict of interest – thankfully I got out of that but broke my back 1 month later… I have dealt with BOTH of the forclosure mills HL&J and Bendetts firm.. BOTH robosigned EVERYTHING….. and I can prove it… fabricated docs.. signed me to a bank that had not existed for 7 months… a bunch of lazy morons who think that homeowners don’t do their due dilligence and a little research to save their homes….

  4. Garnet Red says:

    The sad thing is if I had the money to get this I would be $49 dollars further from the total of $2600 I need by the 20th of this month to pay the mortgage I took on when my parents died. I had their power of attorney etc up until they passed away but my sheriff deputy nephew, son of my oldest half brother who is also dead, took their trust to a lawyer and found a way to strip all assets to be divided up among the side of the family not even related to my father as well as his direct family. Me, my daughter and grandson, and the daughter of my younger sister who died of cancer.

    SELLING the house MY dad paid CASH for so that my daughter and 17 yr old grandson would always have a place to live.

    SELLING MY grandmothers property in Texas.

    SELLING the 20 acres in Louisiana that has been in OUR family for generations MY father GAVE his only GREAT-GRANDSON this property.

    GONE 450+k in stocks that were intended to be used for paying off the home house along with me paying for upkeep etc.

    The house I grew up in is on 2 acres was to be deeded to me at the time of my fathers death and at one time it was valued at 900k… sadly my dad mortgaged it in order to pay cash for the other house. Although I only had minor debts I was referred to a bankruptcy lawyer who suggested I file Chapter 13 which is what I did. Now I’m wondering if that was the right thing to do because it saddled me with another 1k owed to the court per month to catch up on back payments that should have been paid by the trust.. I’m confused over the whole mess but can’t afford another lawyer to help me figure it out…

    So not only is my nephew selling the other house but leaving me with a huge mortgage to pay or WE lose this house also and be essentially homeless with most of my mother and fathers years of hard work and love going to people who for the most part caused them nothing but heartache and were NEVER there for them even when they were sick and dying.. that was me and my grandson who manned up and showed he was deserving of everything my mom and dad wanted for him. all taken away..

    When I told my nephew, who isn’t even related to MY father this little weasel said I DON’T CARE!

    That is why I can’t afford $49 dollars for this information… because after 9 years at the same job I was laid off in September I am having to live off my small savings which are now gone and unemployment. There is no way I can keep this up and last month I was hospitalized for 4 days with a bleeding ulcer.

    While looking for a job I’m going to have to street corner beg in order to survive??!!! 6 months ago it was me giving $5 or $10 dollars to needy people. This is not what my parents intended and yet I guess I have to do it out of love and to keep at least this part of what they worked their lives for. HOME

  5. Fred Schneider says:

    Does anyone have a true and confirmed list of actual “robo signers” that one can confirm without having to buy a book?? We are all in this together and should be more than willing to share and not take advantage of people- like so many do. If you still have the Tueller Law Firm in Telluride, CO on your list to help people, you should take that firm off the list- they are a very high priced law firm and only looking for money from people not helping them- sorry.

    I had five (5) conforming loans with high net worth in assets and great monthly cash flow in rentals prior to the 2008 financial collapse. All but one loan appear to have MERS as the “Nominee” and beneficiary.

    1831 Otter Pond Circle “assignment” was recorded November 27, 2013 by Trisha Jackson (Assistant Secretary) J. Mastrolonardo Notary (Ventura Co) (this was after the National Mortgage settlement back in 2012!!!

    1280 Chipeta Road “Assignment” was recorded January 6, 2014 by Martha Munoz Vice President and also notarized by J. Mastrolonardo (ventura Co)

    15032 6160 Road “assignment” was recorded March 26, 2014 by Chrsitopher Herrera (Assistant Secretary) and notarized by LA LLanos (Los Angeles CO) and working on the latest loan for 2210 Hatton Place.

    How can I verify without question these were “robo signers” as their names appear on many lists of supposed and known robo signers?

    Thank you and I will keep you updated as I file my suit against nasty old Bank of America that has strung me out for over FORTY FIVE (45) months on supposed modifications and nearly four (4) feet of very incriminating evidence of all the duplicity and multiple requests over and over again for the same documents but to four different locations from North Caroling, New York, California, and Texas!!!

  6. Larry says:

    I just got a letter from Bendett & McHugh claiming to foreclose my home with MERS. Should i continue to ignore for they are all over the media for Fraud Robo Signing. I wonder why they didnt loose there practice

  7. MsMel says:

    OK- NOW after I submitted QWR to BoA they scramble and file a completely robosigned “assignment” to Bank of NY “MELLON” …..FIVE YEARS AFTER Bank of NY became Defunct in 2007….. then retracted forclosure 8 months later….. (Dec 2012) then POOF I end up getting hit with forclosure, mediation for over a year with BAYVIEW – which is essentially a “debt collector”…… my loan was predatory from inception…. a $560,000 loan based on “stated income of $11,000 per year???????? Really …. What do I do……. Countrywide stopped paying my insurance yet I was paying them the escrow AND they still forced and billed me for Lender Placed Insurance- while I have been paying my OWN insurance since the fall of 2007!!!!!!!


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