[VIDEO] Mortgage Fraud Clearing House


[VIDEO] Mortgage Fraud Clearing House

[VIDEO] Mortgage Fraud Clearing House


Investors are looking for banks to buy back potentially fraudulent residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS). “The Strategy Session” hosts discuss this topic with Talcott Franklin, the principal of Talcott Franklin PC, whose firm has organized a RMBS clearinghouse on behalf of investors.

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3 Responses to “[VIDEO] Mortgage Fraud Clearing House”

  1. AceOfHeart2012 says:

    The one key factor that 99% of the “I’ve got the solution” pundits are missing is this: The fraud starts at inducement.

    Since the banks are not allowed to lend on their assets nor on the assets of their depositors, where then do the funds come from for a bank loan such as a mortgage? Answer: The funds come from the signature of the ‘borrower’. The banks NEVER OWN THE HOMES THEY FORECLOSE ON.? The? banks are owed nothing! NOTHING!!!

    Through sheer fraud the bank dupes the ‘borrower’ (read: true creditor) into agreeing to pay back the ‘loan’ that the bank now has in the deposit account they opened in the ‘borrowers’ NAME and once a homeowner figures this all out and stops making the payments on the fraudulent ‘loan’, the bank proceeds to foreclose. The truth again: The bank NEVER owned the home to begin with. That’s the real issue. CAPACITY and STANDING.

    The banks lack status and standing (capacity) to foreclose ab initio. Since it was MY signature that funded MY mortgage I want MY house back. Plus damages! Or, the original wet ink signature note and ALL of the profit the banksters made off of my energy (signature).

    We well KNOW at this point that the banks have been forging documentation. Christ, even my court transcripts in my foreclosure hearing are inaccurate and incomplete! I was never even properly physically served with the summons and complaint! Not to mention the fact that I was never even properly served with the summons and complaint.

    So regardless of what any piece of paper anywhere claims, the reality is this: I paid for MY house three times over and it was stolen from me at gunpoint on June 28, 2007 by the LA CROSSE COUNTY (WISCONSIN) SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT 30 THUG S.W.A.T. TEAM (Steve Helgeson – Sheriff).

    This whole thing is nothing short of identity theft.

    Attorneys and judges need to stop protecting the banks and advocate for the true creditors of this nation. The people who sign the instruments.

    Again, I was, as a result of this fraud arrested and jailed by the LA CROSSE COUNTY (WISCONSIN) 30 thug SHERIFF’S (Steve Helgeson) DEPARTMENT SWAT TEAM on June 28, 2007. I was charged with ‘obstructing and resisting’ which are criminal charges and would have given me a jury trial. These charges were almost immediately (within two weeks) dropped by the LA CROSSE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY (Todd Bjerke) because the last thing that the (DIS)HONORABLE JUDGE (Dale T. Pasell) wanted was me in front of a jury.

    I am currently seeking advocacy (an attorney) to co-counsel with me in recouping my loss of equity and dignity through fraud. I am willing to agree to a 50/50 split with the right party who (in my case) can void the judgment (as I was never properly served), reconvey clear title to ME (on the property I paid for three times over) and recoup damages (perpetrated upon me through fraud). There are several other stipulations I will discuss only in private.

    Interested parties may contact me at: randyfricke@yahoo.com

  2. Without fraudulent lending by banks like WAMU, there could have been no fraudulent securities sales. This is a RICO conspiracy. Where is the criminal prosecution of WAMU executives and why are they being aided and abetted in the cover-up? Who is protecting these alleged criminals?

    National WAMU Homeowners Support Group


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