North American Title Complaint to California--Fraudulent Documents

North American Title Complaint to California–Fraudulent Documents

North American Title Complaint to California–Fraudulent Documents

North American Title Complaint to California–Fraudulent Documents

From: Brian Davies

Complaint to the State of California on title and escrow fraud. Security interest not perfected. Married sole and separate. Not single. Never can a married man ever be listed as single. Let alone I was married and they never got a quit claim release.

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4 Responses to “North American Title Complaint to California–Fraudulent Documents”

  1. brian davies says:

    We have been forced to use all agencies to level the playing field. The internet is a powerful equalizer. As such we have worked as a team to do what is right for our country.

    We have been robbed and pilfered–and as such California damaged as much as anywhere–put its head in the sand. The Judges have only one view. Donations friendships whatever, we need representation from a regulatory body who cares and is not paid by the banks that they regulate.

  2. brian davies says:


    You paid $694 for a Lenders Policy with North American Title. This Lennar owns and is affiliated with Universal and NAT. There’s

    conflict’s here with Insurance claims and qualifying you with a 80/20 Loan with $31,000 invested here, where you may have not

    qualified for the loan. Especially if they purchased default insurance or any other insurance through NAT. You should file your claim with

    NAT, it would be kind of interesting to see how they are going to approach this conflict. Also, I would report NAT to the department of

    Insurance regarding this issue and any other you may have.

    So, the strategy here is to rescind the loan get all of your payments, down payment, etc., back along with any damages.

    Greg & Leslie Bushnell

  3. Pj says:

    Seems like the current big scam going on from many people I hear from is that they are getting a demand payment for shortage in “escrow accounts” even though their property assessment has dropped! These are people making good on payments in a difficult economic environment, and all have high LTV on their properties and then BAM hit with a shortage in escrow that is not reflective of their current taxes. The erroneous hit the “servicers” are demanding can make and break a family trying to keep a roof over their head!


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