Remember this from 6/20/2010?

By DinSFLA 6/20/2010

Now if this isn’t another means to a massive mandatory recall for any of this robo-signer’s documents, then our judicial systems are playing with an enormous fire getting ready to ignite even more angry individuals who has his documents sworn into court!

Then again, they’re one of the same.

Today Susan Taylor Martin for Tampabay.com wrote an interesting article about a too too familiar robo-signer “Bryan J. Bly”.

In this article She states

“Over the past few years, Bly has signed countless mortgage assignments as either a notary public or “vice president” of various lenders.

In reality, Bly works for Nationwide Title Clearing, a Palm Harbor company. And he was recently reprimanded by state regulators after acknowledging in a sworn statement that Nationwide Title had him notarizing so many documents that he scribbled his initial instead of signing his full name as required by law.

Such a pace, critics say, shows that Bly and other so-called “robo signers” can’t possibly be sure that what they’re signing is accurate.”

Just by these statements alone why aren’t any of these assignments or any documents executed by Mr. Bly being pulled out from court shelves?

It’s quite simple and you don’t need to be an Einstein.

If there is a product that is shown to cause human any harm there is a mandatory recall. So where is this recall on these products? Where on earth is the government to put a stop to all this assembly line?

Does it have to take a Chinese toymaker with toxic paint, a drywall that deteriorates the guts of a home and possibly lead to possible health issues or how about a Japanese car manufacturer that makes faulty brakes? Again, where is the authority looking into these claims? And why are they NOT pulling these defective items out of our records  in the court houses? Exactly who is being notified that these documents can cause harm to you or that if you were a victim of such irresponsibility to come forward?

My point is these documents are making one extremely ill, homeless and even in some cases suicidal. If this isn’t harm than what is?

This is just wrong in every possible way! Fraud is Fraud.

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  1. Maria says:

    I have an assignement signed by Bly, and Moore……Have a few others as well….where do I send them?

  2. Maria says:

    I also have the witness’ on my assignment on several others with totally different signatures….went to court, they did not care. Judge said that we all sometimes change the way we sign our name….could not believe it. No way for this to be the same person….

  3. KT says:

    This is great news, finally Nationwide Title Clearing is being put in the spotlight…
    Im here in Maine with a Robo VP signer from Nationwide named
    Mary Jo McGowan, she has signed hundreds of AOM’s, Affidavit, Satisfactions etc along with her notary Maria L Gerholdt…I have noticed when Mary Jo stopped signing, Brian Bly picked up where she left off.

    If anyone has any information on Mary Jo McGowan and/or Maria L Gerholdt please let me know at holliemae15@yahoo.com or I can be found at http://www.foreclosurehamlet.org (KT)

    Many Thanks in advance!

  4. ITS says:

    There’s a Lost Note Affidavit that was filed today available on NYC’s ACRIS website where Bly signs as Vice President of Saxon Mortage Services, Inc. The document ID No. is 2010091500823001

  5. ITS says:

    Its actually pretty curious, the Lost Note Affidavit was notarized by Chrystal Moore. A few minutes later a bunch of Assignments were recorded signed by Chrystal Moore as Vice President of World Alliance Financial Corp. f/k/a Verticle Lend and all of the documents have a notation on the bottom reading:

    Document prepared by Jessica Fretwell/NTC, 2100 Alt. 19 North, Palm Harbor, FL 34683 (800)346-9152

  6. Donald Riggin says:

    I have a document signed by Bryan Bly as vice president for SAXON mortgage services, A.K.A. Deustche bank and trust. And then have a different document stating that Regina Alexander is in fact assistant vice president of Saxon mortgage services, and that she is also attorney in fact for DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST COMPANY AMERICAS.I am being sued by Deutsche Bank and trust,Saxon, and i have a few documents that i think have been forged.I am right now fighting this in forclosure court and would like all the help i can get,I’ve already fulfilled my commitment to one bankruptcy court because of Deutsche bank and they still have not deducted the money they recieved from the bankruptcy courts and now they are trying to forclose on me and my family again.How can i stop this and save my family home that has been in the family for over 40 years?

  7. Bill McAuliffe says:

    My Condo was “sold” at a Trustee Sale in Az. Jan. 13th, 2011. nationwide Title was the title company of record until recontrust conveniently created their own Title Company, (Subsidiary; one of hundreds). Is there any possibility of recourse after a “sale” has occurred? I read the article pertaining to Az. and the N.Y. Bank of Mellon, which was the entity Countrywide used to receive “payments”. Any responses, advice, guidance welcomed. thanx.

  8. S.W. says:

    I have a document signed by Bryan Bly as Attorney-in-Fact above his sinature it says

    Federal Deposite Insurance Corporation as Receiver for IndyMac Federal Bank,FSB,Successor To IndyMac Bank,F.S.B. Notarized by Crystal Moore.Crystal Moore’s signature looks like it says Jin or Jen though the way its scribbled or robo signed..lol.

    Bryan’s signature is no where near the same as any of the others I seen at all.Scribble signatures are not usable at all, reguardless if judge says well it was maybe due to high volume of signatures being done.I would go all the way to federal if need be.

  9. tc says:

    If anyone has docs signed by Bryan BLy and Crystal Moore that they are willing to share please send them to indymaccomplaints@gmail.com they would be very useful to those of us fighting them, please feel free to join this site as the more people fighting and sharing info the better.

    I personally am trying to compile a summary of dates of when Bly signed, what his title was and which bank he was VP for and the same for Moore, If people can flood us with copies of their docs, when I get the list compiled I will send it to this website for everyone to use. Then if you need to use it in litigation it will be easier to go through for an attorney than compiling reading through each one.

  10. notipress says:

    Maybe the person wanted named Crystal Moore is living in 1001 White Oak Rd # A 22 Dover, DE 19901


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