Foreclosure Mills move to Quash Subpoenas served upon them

Foreclosure Mills move to Quash Subpoenas served upon them

Foreclosure Mills move to Quash Subpoenas served upon them

Today an article was released about the the foreclosure mills moving forward to quash the subpoenas served upon them by the Florida Attorney General. In this article there was a tad bit of heresay going on…

One of the firms is represented by WPB attorney Gerry Richman:

The subpoena has had a chilling effect on clients and has led to defense lawyers citing the investigation in motions to have the Shapiro firm disqualified from cases. One judge, according to the petition, has said in open court he will deny all summary judgment motions filed by the law firms named by the attorney general based solely on the existence of the investigation.

In an interview, attorney Gerald Richman, who is representing the Shapiro firm, said he did not know who the judge is. He denied the Shapiro firm falsified any documents.

“One of our concerns is the broad brush,” he said. “We are not in the category with David Stern, we are not in the category with any other law firm. Hopefully we will not lose clients. We’re doing whatever we can to fight back.”

Ok, well how can anyone make such a statement without clarifying who the judge is? This is clear speculation!

The Attorney General’s office is fighting back stating the facts…

McCollum spokeswoman Sandi Copes responded, “our office is responsible for protecting consumers year-round, and this investigation has been ongoing for some time.”

Last is information requesting from David J. Stern regarding the subpoena from the AG…

“This request would include entities that have nothing to do with the Law Firm’s legal practice, e.g., if David J. Stern owns a piece of real estate in an entity or he has trusts set up for his family,” according to the petition filed by Stern’s attorney, Jeffrey Tew of Miami. “This request should be narrowed to include entities that have a connection with his legal practice.”

This statement is clearly hiding some important crucial information. Rumor has it but not confirmed that some Foreclosure Mills have been stocking up on real estate they foreclosed on into trusts. Again this is just a RUMOR!

I say keep on digging…eventually an ant hole will turn into a sink hole!

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2 Responses to “Foreclosure Mills move to Quash Subpoenas served upon them”

  1. Marc says:

    I am certain that all the paperwork, either faked or real, comes out it will be discovered that the ‘Foreclosure Mills’ were purchasing properties out of foreclosures that they were orchestrating. Make money rigging the system to steal homes and then particiapte in the ‘legal theft’ yeilding HUGE extra profits on the backs of taxpayer support. It would not be a shock to find they were colluding with the banks on this and the banks were getting kickbacks from the pennies on the dollars sales which the banks have either already been indemnified on their losses for or they took bailout funds to offset those ‘paper loses’.
    Nice racket I guess but it REALLY sounds like ‘organized crime’ to me in which case, RICO would certainly be applicable.
    I don;t think it is the ‘paper losses’ anyone is really worried about. I think they are worried that if the truth really comes out, the top management at the banks and in the agencies ( both govt & pseudo NGO)woul dbe going to jail for a long time.


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