Miami: JPMorgan Chase gets bailout…evicts tenants

Miami: JPMorgan Chase gets bailout…evicts tenants

Miami: JPMorgan Chase gets bailout…evicts tenants

Police Evict Residents Of Foreclosed Apt Buildings

MIAMI (CBS4) Two people have been arrested after they reportedly interfered with three evictions from a foreclosed Liberty City low income apartment complex.

The apartment buildings at 8th Avenue and NW 70th Street were foreclosed on late last year by JP Morgan-Chase.

Some residents told CBS4 they made their rent payments to the “landlord” when he came to their door once a month, but their payments never made it to the bank.

The tenants now face eviction because JP Morgan-Chase does not want to renew the leases and upkeep the buildings. Already emptied units have been boarded up.

The apartment buildings have been turned over to ECP Properties of Texas, a subsidiary of JP Morgan-Chase, which specializes in “toxic” foreclosure assets.

On Tuesday police evicted tenants from apartments 3 and 4 in the 830 building and a third tenant in the next apartment building over.

“During a housing crisis, we cannot afford to kick people out of low income housing and board up more vacant living spaces,” said Rameau. “JP Morgan-Chase received a $25 billion bailout while poor people get eviction notices. Therefore, we are engaging in civil disobedience because the laws which allow banks to get bailouts and keep homes vacant while families face homelessness are immoral.”

One of the residents and Rameau were arrested when they offered resistance to the evictions.

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