Mortgage Fraud: Lender Processing Services by Lynn Szymoniak, ESQ.

Mortgage Fraud: Lender Processing Services by Lynn Szymoniak, ESQ.

Mortgage Fraud: Lender Processing Services by Lynn Szymoniak, ESQ.

Mortgage Fraud 

Lender Processing Services

Action Date: April 4, 2010 
Location: Jacksonville, FL 

In the first 3 days of April, 2010, the Wall Street Journal and the Jacksonville Business Journal both reported that Lender Processing Services was the subject of a federal criminal investigation involving a subsidiary company, Docx, LLC in Alpharetta, Georgia. A representative of the company reportedly acknowledged the investigation. Foreclosure defense blogs, and this website, have reported some of the problems with mortgage assignments prepared by Docx including Assignments where the grantor or grantee was described as “Bogus Assignee for Intervening Asmts” or “A Bad Bene.” Docx also produced many assignments with an effective date of 9/9/9999. In other cases, the effective date was listed as 1950. Other Assignments listed the amount of the original mortgage as $.00 or $.01. Still other assignments were missing signatures. The Docx office has produced over one million mortgage assignments in the last few years and filed these assignments in recorders’ offices across the country. How many Assignments were defective? Did any foreclosures occur based on the defective documents? Were court clerks notified of the defective assignments? Were borrowers notified? Were mortgage companies and banks notified? The company disclosures to date raise even more questions regarding the role of document mills in the national foreclosure crisis. Courts and litigants everywhere will be waiting for more complete disclosures. 



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8 Responses to “Mortgage Fraud: Lender Processing Services by Lynn Szymoniak, ESQ.”

  1. Gary H says:

    Lynn, sent you two emails, looking forward to your reply.

  2. robert saunders says:

    please contact me re CitiMortgage FRAUD

  3. JAY says:

    I’m in Bankrutpcy to save my home. Pite Duncan came into the case representing Wells Fargo. They are a Delaware Corp., not allowed to do foreclosures in California. Wells Fargo removed them. They brought in the Hazzard Law Firm. It turns out Wells has sold my home and securitized it, but the Judge wouldn’t let me talk in the Settlement Conference, EVEN THO I’m my lawyer. and ignoring my “other” arguments in my Adversary Procedure, and without letting me tell him about the “Trust”, the Judge dismissed my Adversary. The end result: the Judge dismissed my adversary for WELLS FARGO WHO DOES NOT OWN MY LOAN????? DOES IT MATTER? oR, only to me. Jay

    We’ll see.

    One thing I will say, being a Pro Se is extremely hard. The Pro Se law doesn’t seem to matter.

    Now I know why they changed the Bankruptcy laws 5 years ago. The Banks knew they were getting ready to foreclosure on all their fraudulent loans (most sold and securitized), and they wanted the Bankruptcies to be able to be done FAST before the Pro Se people couldfigure anything out, so the banks could sell their homes quickly, whether they owned them OR NOT…THE BANKS DON’T REALLY CARE IF THEY’RE BREAKING THE LAW…AS LONG AS THEY GET THE MONEY….AND THE GOVT. DOESN’T SEEM TO CARE EITHER, DO THEY. They won’t make any consequences for the corruption in the bank papers, and the bigger the bank, the less consequences. SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS IN AMERICA TODAY.

  4. LL Guthrie says:

    The worst of all Elder Fraud Conspiracy and Mail Fraud…….between 2 Major Banks and DocX….involving 40,000 Reverse Mortgages. If you are interested in more information please advise.

  5. dinsfla says:

    LL Gutherie,

    Please email dinsfla [at]

  6. Leslie says:

    Dear Lynn,

    Trying to fight the fraud that I know exists on my documents, but having trouble finding any info on Debbie Nieblas and Mary Ann Hierman. Can you give me any suggestions?

    I am looking for depos…on either. What I’m dealing with is the ASM was not even notorized on the ASM itself. The notary stamp was attached on a secondary paper to the back?

    Thanks Lynn,
    Leslie M.

  7. TeresaN says:

    Leslie M. I have some docs and information on Mary Ann Hierman. Please email me to share what you have and I will be glad to do the same. Thanks


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