Neil Garfield- Steps to Securitization

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Neil Garfield- Steps to Securitization

Neil Garfield- Steps to Securitization

Mr. Garfield is a GENIUS
March 26, 2010
A casual conversation about the mechanics of securitization with Neil Garfield MBA JD, Wall Street insider and former trial attorney. Neil is the editor of, the leading internet resource on foreclosure defense. He explains how the major banks and Wall Street used securitization to bypass traditional regulatory guidelines, and why it is so difficult for judges, lawyers and borrowers to understand what happened. Neil has just released a 2-disk, 4-hour foreclosure defense DVD set – The Garfield Continuum: Seminar for Laymen. A version for attorneys follows shortly. The DVD and the accompanying Workbook can be purchased at
Wells Fargo’s Attorney– “We are the HOLDER of THE NOTE!
Later the attorney stated “Excuse me, I MISSTATED…We are ONLY the SERVICER”
Mr. Garfield “At which point I gave the lawyer an elbow, and I said “That means WE DON’T HAVE A HOLDER OF THE NOTE in this court room.” 



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  1. Carla Walters says:

    Dear mr Garfield, I have contacted you before about our situation. Do to the corruption in the legal system in Illinois. We have been illegally evicted 4 weeks now. Never mind the proof or agencies we contacted. Or how many laws have and continue to be broken. Besides being illegally evicted, we have had our pets murdered our belongings stollen or smashed put into storage 2 hours away from us. Which we have been told to pay for. We want to help others as well as ourselves. SoI am writing to you. Let me speak with you show you what I know give proof names numbers. You help many people we believe in you. Let me show you.


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