WANTED: Mortgage Assignments & Affidavits by FRAUD DIGEST

WANTED: Mortgage Assignments & Affidavits by FRAUD DIGEST

WANTED: Mortgage Assignments & Affidavits by FRAUD DIGEST







Action Date: March 12, 2010
Location: WEST Palm Beach, FL 

CALL FOR MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENTS & AFFIDAVITS – March 12, 2010 – Researchers at Fraud Digest are comparing the job titles on Mortgage Assignments and Affidavits of the individuals listed below. If you have any Mortgage Assignment or Affidavit in Support of Summary Judgment in a Foreclosure action signed by any of the following individuals, please scan the document(s) and send it as a pdf. attachment to szymoniak@mac.com. This request is for research regarding mortgage-related documents. The individuals named below are not accused of wrong-doing or fraudulent activity: Christina Allen; Scott Anderson; Brent Bagley; China Brown; Eric Friedman; Linda Green; Ely Harless; Korell Harp; Laura Hescott; Erica Johnson-Seck; Dennis Kirkpatrick; Topako Love; Jessica Ohde; Keri Selman; Kathy Smith; Roger Stotts; Eric Tate; Tywanna Thomas; Linda Thoresen. 

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If you wish to remain anonymous please use any of the free email providers such as GMAIL.

Send documents toszymoniak@mac.com and cc: StopForeclosureFraud@gmail.com 

To find your Assignment of Mortgage you have to access your county public records.

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6 Responses to “WANTED: Mortgage Assignments & Affidavits by FRAUD DIGEST”

  1. John R says:

    Lynn, I sent you about 250 assignments and affidavits last week and I just wanted to add that, I believe it’s Kevin Marks who says he
    s VP of Loan Documentation for wells fargo and I found a lot of his scribbles, actually too many. In the folders of those with a few or more sepperate doc’s, I copied and pasted the signatures from each into a Word file so you could easily add them to your web site. Hope it helps! Just sent the same list to Richard Cordray AG of Ohio today along with what I had on Topaka Love. It’s still interesting!

  2. jerry says:

    So are there any people winning cases yet in Suffolk County NY ?
    With all the Mers and Robo signing idea’s I read all over the internet or NOT ? Laura Hescott & Erick Johnson Seck ?
    Their names are on my mortgage papers from Indy Mac bank…
    write me at Jerri2222@aol.com quick !!!

  3. TGagnier says:

    Mine has Ms Hescott as purported “assistant Secretary for Option One” on an assignment.

    This seemingly manufactured title( notwithstanding Ms Hescott appears to have actually been in the employ of LPS ) how is authority vested in a secreatary to sign and therefore make an assignment binding upon a bank -assignor. This is more befitting an officer of a corporation.
    Hardly a ministerial function.

    I now work for a law firm doing foreclosure defense. Check out the decision in US Bank V Alderazi for all the MERS related assigmments.
    Hon Saitta got it right. That case will hopefully get a lot of cases dismissed and since loam mods are almost impossible to get might as well challenge the docs the lenders rely on.

    TG email tg_1963@hotmail.com

  4. Molly says:

    I have several with Laura Hescott and Bethany Hood. Also you need to start asking for S.A Wileman and M.A. Wileman. M. Wileman is CEO of Orion financial Group who boast about their ability to recreate original documents using doc pro…hum These Wileman brothers sign as VP’s for Mers, Franklin Credit among others. There is also a Ryan Lett claiming to be and officer of Country Wide home loans, Texas. Brett Larson as an agent for GMAC and a C. Lafferty as vp for Franklin Credit. Get these names out there and compare assumed jobs of these individuals. I couln’t find them as exec at any of the companies as they swore too.

  5. elvia j says:

    hola JOHN please i need docs assigment of eric tate work for lps in minnesota he sign my assigment on feb,2009 I need to compare signutare he’s in the list of robo signer thank you.

  6. Rob says:

    Hi there,

    Do you happen to have any documents related to Eric Tate of LPS? He signed a Substitution of Trustee in Feb. 2009 … and it seems we have gotten the judge to buy into the fact that this needs to go to trial … over faulty assignments.

    The more documents we can show that have Eric Tate signing for multiple companies … probably the better we would be.

    Also, if you might have any documents on Chuck Hendrickson .. and Adam Cook … those are next on the list.

    Thank you for your help.



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